Glass Blocks

Higher density housing and tighter residential zoning means that many windows look out onto a fence, boundary wall or worse still into a neighbouring window. Glass blocks are the perfect answer, providing both daylight privacy and security Utilising thinner, lighter Wafer™ glass blocks you can create a stylish wall of light while maintaining absolute privacy and security with thermal and acoustic properties that out-perform traditional double glazing. This superior performance reduces summer heat gain while conserving winter warmth.

With the patented Blokup system you can choose from prefabricated fixed glass block panels, or for larger projects, a kit that allows you to easily construct your feature wall on-site without the need for specialised labour. Our glass block panels can be combined with a combination of window options to give you a seamless stylish look that will not only be a magnificent addition to your home or office, but fits with any decor.

Light Up Your Entrance Way Add style and light to any doorway or entrance with a glass block window or sidelight. Assembled ready to install, these windows and sidelights are a secure and private way to let light into your entry, foyer or even garage. Glass blocks have been recognized as an effective deterrent in break-ins, presenting not only a good looking surround for your door, but one that potential thieves will find daunting. The horizontal separation strips in every frame secure the Wafer™ blocks while the three way weather tight system bonds the sidelight for added strength. Glass blocks offer privacy, light, insulation and safety, making them a perfect choice for entrance ways and other darker areas.

Glass Block Styles When it comes time to choose your glass blocks, we have a selection of favourites that will add a timeless style to your project. From the worlds longest best selling design, the Wolke, to the new generation privacy block, the Cortina, you know you are installing the long lasting good looks of authentic glass blocks. Glass blocks, unlike acrylic blocks, do not lose their clarity over time. Please check with customer services for current availiablility of glass block styles.

Glass blocks for the kitchen

Front entry glass blocks

glass block arctic
Arctic Glass Block
glass block cortina
Cortina Glass Block
glass block clear
Clear Glass Block
glass block wolke
Wolke Glass Block

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Glass Block Frame Options and Line Drawings

Glass Block Frame Options and Line DrawingsWhen it comes time to install your Glass Block windows we provide two framing options either a subframe or a complete window frame. The subframe works perfectly when going into existing window features like sliding doors and sidelights. The complete window frame is ideal for stand alone window features.